We are a friendly and easy going junior club, offering something for everyone on Saturday afternoons in a safe and supportive environment.

Based in Knights Templar Sports Centre in Baldock (click here for our location), we have members from all over the North Herts region. Ages range from as low as 5 up to late teens and ability spans from beginners to local league and county junior players.

For those that want to get on in the sport, there is plenty of coaching expertise on hand and we have teams in the Bedfordshire Junior League. For others that want to just have fun and get some exercise there is a place for them too. Go to Club Details to find out more. Also read Sam's story to hear how he used the club to get on in life.

Enjoy and Improve...

Want to enquire about joining - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Initially started in 2002, we are Affiliated to BADMINTON England and until 2017 were an accredited Silver/Premier Club.

Below is an extract from our latest BADMINTON England external verification:-

"My colleague was particularly impressed with the Clubmark evidence displayed and communicated on your Club website and especially the new member Welcome Pack which includes your policies and procedures and provides a great insight into the Club.

It was great to hear that your Club caters for all ages (up to 18) and ability spans from beginners to local league and county junior players.

The Club provides an excellent first experience for beginners into badminton and focuses on new members having fun and kick starting their enthusiasm and interest for the sport."