This season Ashaway have kindly given me 4 rackets to carry in my bag. The idea is that anyone thinking of buying a new one can try them out to find the most suitable, before actually parting with their hard earned money. I will usually also have a brand new one of each type at home, that I can let you have when you decide.

Read on for details on the 4 rackets.

Nano Tec 9500 - A great racket for just £30, so ideal for starting off. More details here.

Arch Striker 9 - Another great budget racket at £35. More details here.

TCX 70 - Slightly lighter feeling racket at £60. Ideal for those wanting fast racket movement, especially for doubles play. More details see here.

Electro Magnum - Another £60 racket. This one has more weight in the head and is made from the top grade carbon graphite. More details see here.