Session Fees

Each time you turn up to a session you need to pay £5. 

Please note:-

These session fees are in addition to the annual membership fee, which must be paid by bank transfer when your child joins each year (details are on the Membership Form).

To reduce the amount of admin and to cut down on the handling of cash, we have decided to change the way sessions are paid for.

At the end of each half term, you need to pay by bank transfer, for the number of sessions attended.

The only exception to this will be visitors, who can pay the session fee by cash if they prefer.


Half-Termly Dates (all dates are inclusive)

Summer 2021 Break

11th Sept - 16th Oct : 6 sessions = £30 if all attended

Half Term

6th November - 17th December: 7 sessions = £35 if all attended


8th January - 5th February: 5 sessions = £25 if all attended

Half Term

26th February - 26th March: 5 sessions = £25 if all attended


23rd April - 21st May: 5 sessions = £25 if all attended

Half Term

11th June - 16th July: 6 sessions = £30 if all attended

Summer 2022 Break