The Hertfordshire Team Tournament took place on the Sunday 6th March at Wodson Park. We entered a team consisting of Nathan, Ethan, Sean, Evie, Jessica and Daisy.

There were 13 teams in all, split into two groups. Each team playing all the others in their group.

Our team was playing in its first ever tournament, they did not win any of the games they played but they did come close in several and most importantly of all - they all had a great afternoon of badminton.

A big thank you to Stewart for manging the team on the day and for the team players for their commitment to this event.


On the 14th July 2019, we managed to get juniors from four of the five local clubs to take part in an end of season singles tournament. They were broken down into groups based on input from the coaches, mostly this worked very well but there were one or two exceptions.

Most games were well contested and the behaviour was superb. Thanks to the kids for making it such an easy event to manage and an enjoyable watch, also thamks to the many relatives that came along to support the event.

The result are below, winners in bold


Group A

  Name Played Won Lost
1 Bruce Yao 4 4 0
2 James Machin 4 2 2
3 Tommy Allworth 4 2 2
4 Jatinder Bains 4 2 2
5 Aedan Tsun 4 0 4


Group B 

  Name Played Won Lost
1 Owen Griffiths 5 5 0
2 Luke Griffiths 5 1 4
3 Peter Holmes 5 0 5
4 Alvin Ho 5 3 2
5 Emily Ho 5 3 2
6 Lilly Allworth 5 3 2


Group C

  Name Played Won Lost
1 Samuel Wylie 4 2 2
2 Oscar Spencer 4 0 4
3 Max Nolan 4 4 0
4 Gideon Russell 4 1 3
5 Joshua Bradford 4 3 1


Group D

  Name Played Won Lost
1 Tom Hollidge 4 4 0
2 Samuel Bradford 4 2 2
3 Ben Mwamatandala 4 3 1
4 Samuel Henman 4 1 3
5 Oscar Smith 4 0 4


Group E

  Name Played Won Lost
1 Nathan Hartshorne 4 0 4
2 Kai Hartshorne 4 3 1
3 Sahas Vedam 4 4 0
4 Ethan Yao 4 2 2
5 Toby Morton 4 1 3

On the 27th January, the 24th March and the 19th May our team took on 10 other club teams from Hertfordshire.

Over the three days we played each of the other teams in matches consisting of: boys and girls singles; boys and girls doubles; and mixed doubles. We were victorious in all of the matches, only losing two games out of the fifty we played. Thus we were the winners for the second year running.

The final table was:-

Position Team
1 Baldock JBC
2 Harpenden JBC
3 Swifts JBC
4 Watford district
5 Much Hadham JBC
6 Wizard JBC
7 All Saints JBC
8 Stanstead Abbotts JBC
9 Dane End JBC
10 Hertford JBC
11 Abbey JBC

Well done to the team (Rowen, Alvin, Cameron and the two Emilys) on another fantastic effort. Thanks also to the parents who came along to provide support and to James who stood in as team manager on the day that I could not attend. 

The winning team is pictured below:-



On the 10th February we had a friendly match at Biggleswade Junior Badminton Club.

The match consisted of 4 players per team, with a mixture of singles and doubles games, all up to 21 points.

First there were 8 singles matches played, in which Ben and Sean won both their games and Nathan lost closely 21-18, which left us level at 4-4 when we moved onto the doubles games.

In the 6 doubles matches Ben won with all three of his teammates, Sean and Nathan lost 21-20, Kai and Nathan lost 21-20 and Sean and Kai lost 21-20. This meant that the final match score was 7-7 draw.

Thanks to all the parents that came along to support the team and especially those that helped score some of the games.



On the 13th January we had a friendly match at Birchwood Leisure Centre, Hatfield, against Comets junior club.

The match consisted of 6 players per team, with a mixture of singles and doubles games, all up to 21 points.

Unfortunately we lost our number 2 player, James Machin, before the match started with what turned out to be a wrist fracture. This meant that the other 5 players had to sub in for his games, resulting in all of them except James Franklin playing in a higher position than they should have had to. This was reflected in the match result.

First there were 6 singles matches played, in which James Franklib won 2, Niamh won her game. David, Enrico and Holly all lost. So 3-3 after the singles.

On to the 9 doubles matches. Here we did not do so well, with only James/David and Holly/Niamh won, so this gave us a 7-2 deficit in the doubles. Resulting in an overall final score of a 10-5 defeat. The result could have been much closer, with one loss being by 20-21 and another 19-21, plus the fact that if James had been able to play, most of the match ups would have been closer.

Thanks to Micky at Comets for organising their team and to the parents of our players for their support. We also wish James a speedy recovery.

Hopefully we can arrange a re-match before the end of the season.


On the 25th November two friendly matches took place at Fearnhill, between Baldock and Luton Performance Centre junior clubs.

The match consisted of two, 4 player teams, which was played on a similar basis to the Bedfordshire Junior league matches.

First there were 8 singles matches played in two rounds, in the first all four players played against their opposite number (based on ability). At the end of these Baldock were 2-2 in the first team match and 3-1 up in the second team match.

Next the reverse singles, where 1 played 2, 2 played 1, 3 played 4 and 4 played 3. This round saw the first team slip back to 3-5 and the second team progress to 7-1.

On to the six doubles matches for each team, with each player pairing up with each of their team mates for a game. The outcome of these six matches was 1-5 for the first team, giving them an overall defeat of 10-4. The second team continued to dominate, not losing any of these games and taking their final score to 13-1.

The main reason for the difference in standard in the second team match was that Luton 's top ranked played had to withdraw at the last minute and the replacement had not played before. The use of feather shuttles certainly could account for the number of miss-hits by several players in the first team, that did not help their cause. 

Thanks to Suzanne at Luton Performance Centre for organising their team.

Hopefully we can arrange another match in 2019.

First Team: Bruce, James Machin, Tommy, Enrico.

Second Team: Adele, Jatinder, Holly, Niamh.

This was held on Saturday 6th October at Barnwell School Stevenage SG2 9SW,

Players were split into groups based on age/ability. They played a format of rotating partners but accumulating their own score after each game. The final positions were as below.

Girls' Group.

Winner:  Niamh Day    150 pts.

R/U:      Holly Long     142 pts.

3rd:      Alicia Dimes:    123 pts.


Boys' Group A.

Winner:  Govind Singh Banes  100 pts.

R/U:       Billy Liversedge              92 pts.

3rd:       Tommy Allworth            89 pts.


Boys Group B.

Winner:  Lazar                             126 pts.

R/U:       Jatinder Singh Banes  113 pts.

3rd:       Toby Shortman               92 pts.


A BIG thanks to Jan Macfarlane for organising this great event.


On the 21st July a friendly match took place at Knights Templar, between Baldock and Hitchin junior clubs.

As it was the end of the season and some members had already gone off on their summer holidays, the match consisted of four player teams. So it was decided to play it on a similar basis to the Bedfordshire Junior league matches.

First there were 8 singles matches played in two rounds, in the first all four players played against their opposite number (based on ability). At the end of these Baldock were 4-0 up.

Next the reverse singles, where 1 played 2, 2 played 1, 3 played 4 and 4 played 3. This round saw Hitchin win two of the four matches, to make the score 6-2.

All of the singles consisted of a single game to 21 points. The doubles would be best of three games to 21 points. There were six matches, with each player getting one with each of their team mates. The outcome of these six matches was 5-1 to Baldock, giving them an overall score 11-3.

During the double Niamh injured her neck and had to stop playing. Sean (who was playing in the young group at the time) took her place and did a great job by winning the last match with Enrico.

Thanks to Anthony for organising the Hitchin team and Thomas for looking after them at the event. Also thanks to James for helping out with the younger group during the match.

Hopefully we can arrange a bigger event next season and include more teams from the locality.

Hitchin: Luke, Frank, Gideon, Tom.

Baldock: Enrico, Rowan, Adele, Niamh (Sean).

On the 8th July a singles tournament was held at Fearnhill School. There were 20 entrants from the area and they were split into four groups based on ability. Each player was to play the others in their group to establish the winner.

It was a really hot day but when asked if they wanted to play to 15 or 21 points, almost all said 21, so they were in for a sweaty afternoon. The results are below.

For the second successive season the North Hertfordshire district team had triumphed in the Hertfordshire Junior League and thus travelled to the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes on 20th May to represent the League in the Under 14 age group of the national inter-league finals.  Three of the 2016/17 team were making their second finals appearance and they, with three new members, hoped to emulate the achievement of last season’s team, the bronze medal winners.

The Bedfordshire Junior Badminton League kindly let us enter their competition, even though we are in Hertfordshire. It gives both their teams and us the chance to play against different players. It is run on a league basis with three divisions: Beginners; Intermediates; Advanced. We usually enter in the two lower levels. A team consists of four players and the matches are the best of 14 games, 8 singles and 6 doubles. Details of the matches for this season will be listed below when they have been arranged.

On the 25th March 2018 we had two teams playing at Stratton Leisure Centre, Biggleswade.

The Beginners team consisting of Ben, Chenara, Nathan and Kia were up against a Biggleswade team, James kindly looked after them. None of these had played competitively before and so it was no surprise the they came out with a 14-0 defeat, the only glimmer of a win being an 18-21 doubles game.

The Intermediate team were up against Flitwick, who we beat 14-0 last year. This year we had a very young/weak team, only one having played competitively before. So the tables were turned and we were on the end of a 14-0 defeat. The team of Kofi, Mia, Lilly and Cameron all learned quite a lot and I am sure they will improve on the back of this experience.


On the 28th January a team from North Herts took on teams from Watford, East Herts, Welwyn & Hatfield, St Albans and Hertsmere, in this annual event. The team was made up from 7 members of the Baldock Junior Badminton Club ( and two that play independently in Letchworth. They went in with a lot to live up to, as the area had won the event the previous year and been runners up the year before that.

They were to play each of the other 5 teams in matches consisting of: boys and girls singles; boys and girls doubles; and mixed doubles. They beat four of the other teams by the score of 5-0 and the other one by 3-2, to be the only unbeaten team and the hence the winners.

They now go on like last year, to represent Hertfordshire in the national event in Milton Keynes in May, where they achieved a fantastic bronze medal last year. Let's hope they can do even better this year.

The winning team is pictured below with their team manager/coach Bob Green:-