On the 8th July a singles tournament was held at Fearnhill School. There were 20 entrants from the area and they were split into four groups based on ability. Each player was to play the others in their group to establish the winner.

It was a really hot day but when asked if they wanted to play to 15 or 21 points, almost all said 21, so they were in for a sweaty afternoon. The results are below.

Group A  
Bruce Yao 4
Callum Brown 3
James Franklin 2
Gorvind Singh Bains 1
James Machin 0
Group B  
Frank Hazley 4
Enrico Bravi + 3
Rowan Grenyer 2
Emily Ho 1
Pawel Mechelewska 0
Group C #  
Jatinder Singh Bains 2
Adele Bravi 2
Alvin Ho 2
Susanne Fisher 0
Toby Shortman * 0
Group D  
Gideon Russell 4
Freddie Cardy 3
Sean Richards 2
Nathan Hartshorne 1
Ethan Yao 0


In Group A, the deciding match was Bruce beating Callum by 21-20.

+ In Group B, Frank beat Enrico 21-18 after Enrico had to take a long break in the match due to breathing problems.

# In Group C, the final positions were decide by the highest losing scores. * Toby had to retire due to ill health.

In Group D, the deciding match was Gideon's 21-16 defeat of Freddie.