On the 21st July a friendly match took place at Knights Templar, between Baldock and Hitchin junior clubs.

As it was the end of the season and some members had already gone off on their summer holidays, the match consisted of four player teams. So it was decided to play it on a similar basis to the Bedfordshire Junior league matches.

First there were 8 singles matches played in two rounds, in the first all four players played against their opposite number (based on ability). At the end of these Baldock were 4-0 up.

Next the reverse singles, where 1 played 2, 2 played 1, 3 played 4 and 4 played 3. This round saw Hitchin win two of the four matches, to make the score 6-2.

All of the singles consisted of a single game to 21 points. The doubles would be best of three games to 21 points. There were six matches, with each player getting one with each of their team mates. The outcome of these six matches was 5-1 to Baldock, giving them an overall score 11-3.

During the double Niamh injured her neck and had to stop playing. Sean (who was playing in the young group at the time) took her place and did a great job by winning the last match with Enrico.

Thanks to Anthony for organising the Hitchin team and Thomas for looking after them at the event. Also thanks to James for helping out with the younger group during the match.

Hopefully we can arrange a bigger event next season and include more teams from the locality.

Hitchin: Luke, Frank, Gideon, Tom.

Baldock: Enrico, Rowan, Adele, Niamh (Sean).