This was held on Saturday 6th October at Barnwell School Stevenage SG2 9SW,

Players were split into groups based on age/ability. They played a format of rotating partners but accumulating their own score after each game. The final positions were as below.

Girls' Group.

Winner:  Niamh Day    150 pts.

R/U:      Holly Long     142 pts.

3rd:      Alicia Dimes:    123 pts.


Boys' Group A.

Winner:  Govind Singh Banes  100 pts.

R/U:       Billy Liversedge              92 pts.

3rd:       Tommy Allworth            89 pts.


Boys Group B.

Winner:  Lazar                             126 pts.

R/U:       Jatinder Singh Banes  113 pts.

3rd:       Toby Shortman               92 pts.


A BIG thanks to Jan Macfarlane for organising this great event.