On the 25th November two friendly matches took place at Fearnhill, between Baldock and Luton Performance Centre junior clubs.

The match consisted of two, 4 player teams, which was played on a similar basis to the Bedfordshire Junior league matches.

First there were 8 singles matches played in two rounds, in the first all four players played against their opposite number (based on ability). At the end of these Baldock were 2-2 in the first team match and 3-1 up in the second team match.

Next the reverse singles, where 1 played 2, 2 played 1, 3 played 4 and 4 played 3. This round saw the first team slip back to 3-5 and the second team progress to 7-1.

On to the six doubles matches for each team, with each player pairing up with each of their team mates for a game. The outcome of these six matches was 1-5 for the first team, giving them an overall defeat of 10-4. The second team continued to dominate, not losing any of these games and taking their final score to 13-1.

The main reason for the difference in standard in the second team match was that Luton 's top ranked played had to withdraw at the last minute and the replacement had not played before. The use of feather shuttles certainly could account for the number of miss-hits by several players in the first team, that did not help their cause. 

Thanks to Suzanne at Luton Performance Centre for organising their team.

Hopefully we can arrange another match in 2019.

First Team: Bruce, James Machin, Tommy, Enrico.

Second Team: Adele, Jatinder, Holly, Niamh.