On the 13th January we had a friendly match at Birchwood Leisure Centre, Hatfield, against Comets junior club.

The match consisted of 6 players per team, with a mixture of singles and doubles games, all up to 21 points.

Unfortunately we lost our number 2 player, James Machin, before the match started with what turned out to be a wrist fracture. This meant that the other 5 players had to sub in for his games, resulting in all of them except James Franklin playing in a higher position than they should have had to. This was reflected in the match result.

First there were 6 singles matches played, in which James Franklib won 2, Niamh won her game. David, Enrico and Holly all lost. So 3-3 after the singles.

On to the 9 doubles matches. Here we did not do so well, with only James/David and Holly/Niamh won, so this gave us a 7-2 deficit in the doubles. Resulting in an overall final score of a 10-5 defeat. The result could have been much closer, with one loss being by 20-21 and another 19-21, plus the fact that if James had been able to play, most of the match ups would have been closer.

Thanks to Micky at Comets for organising their team and to the parents of our players for their support. We also wish James a speedy recovery.

Hopefully we can arrange a re-match before the end of the season.