On the 11th June 2022, we hosted a friendly match with SmashIt. This was organised with Anna Collis, with the hardest part being to select players for the two teams that would be well matched. To do this we enlisted the help of Tom and Max, who play in both clubs.

The format consisted of 8 players in each team, of any age or gender, ranked by ability. The top four would play their opposite numbers, as would the lower four. It was to be a team event, so the overall result would be based on all of the games played.

We started with three rounds of doubles, using all combinations within the clusters of four, i.e. 1&2, 1&3, 1&4, etc. After these 12 games the match score was 7-5 to SmashIt.

We then moved on to the 8 singles games, where each player played just one game against their opposite number. The top four played first and after these games the match score was 8-8. So the result would come down to the last four games.

We took just one of these, so the final result was 11-9 to SmashIt.

We done to Tom and Max for helping us pull together two well matched teams.

Our players were:- Max, Tom, Cameron, Mark, Leo, Sam, Finlay, Evie.

The best performers were Max and Tom, who won all their games, followed by Mark who only lost one.

The event was played in a terrific atmosphere and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. So we will endeavour to organise another match at the start of next season.