We are Affiliated to BADMINTON ENGLAND, so everyone in the club has to be a member. The only exception to this is that we can allow prospective members up to 6 sessions as a visitor, after that they must become a member. Members get the benefits detailed here on the BADMINTON ENGLAND web site. Our Welcome document gives details of our policies and procedures.

There are two new methods of paying for the weekly sessions. Each half term you decide which of the two methods suits you best and let us know. Cheques made payable to "Baldock Junior Badminton Club".

After many years of keeping fees the same, for the 2019/20 season we have finally had to increase them, the new fees are below.

Sessions are an hour long, one runs from 2-3pm, the other from 3-4pm. The earlier session is for the more advanced members, the later session is for beginners and those working towards the advanced group. The coaches decide which members go in which group, based on their ability.

The club is run by several coaches, who each attend most of the sessions. They have at least a Level 1 coaching qualification and are on the Badminton England Coaching Register. More information on each of them is included in this section.

This season Ashaway have kindly given me 4 rackets to carry in my bag. The idea is that anyone thinking of buying a new one can try them out to find the most suitable, before actually parting with their hard earned money. I will usually also have a brand new one of each type at home, that I can let you have when you decide.

Read on for details on the 4 rackets.